Where we come from

When we were young the best place to meet was the GELATERIA. We’d eat our gelato strolling around Torino’s warm cobblestone streets discussing random stuff – in philosophical debate, falling slowly in love or mending arguments. Whatever we talked about, it was always better combined with the cool creamy sensation of mouth-watering gelato.

about miuz

get to know the next generation of gelato

Eating Miuz gelato will take you right back to those warm cobbled streets from our Italian childhood. What’s changed since then is that we’ve gained a deeper understanding of the craftmanship behind gelato. At Miuz, we aim to elevate gelato to the next level. Whether you choose a great Italian classic or an exciting new flavour, every GUSTO at Miuz has its own origins and story.

Our menu

what we care about

Our choices can have a big impact on the environment and our bodies. That’s why we work with local suppliers as much as we can to reduce transport emissions and support local business. We pay fair prices for our ingredients and choose to work with companies that support fair working conditions. At Miuz, fresh, high-quality ingredients are always the base of our gelato.


the store

Visit our gelateria at Overtoom 117 in Amsterdam. Our store has a contemporary and Italian feel, designed by Heinzel | de Vries interior architects.


We’re open all seasons because Italians enjoy gelato the whole year round. And it doesn’t just have to be for sunny days, it’s also a great treat to bring in a thermal box to dinner with friends

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Our range of gelato flavours is always evolving. In our laboratory we create Italian classics like STRACCIATELLA, NOCCIOLA and PISTACCHIO. We also create classics with a twist, depending on the seasonal cycle of fruits and local products that we find interesting.

Coffee & More

Our freshly roasted coffee beans come from Le Piantagioni del Caffe’, an Italian roastery based in Livorno. Affogato (espresso with ice cream) is one of our favourite desserts, where a hot cup of espresso coffee is poured slowly over creamy gelato in a cup.