from childhood memories to the new generation of gelato makers

I grew up in Torino where people eat gelato at any occasion: after lunch, for afternoon tea, after dinner… sometimes even for breakfast!

Gelato may have been part of everyday life, but it has changed a lot since then. In the last two decades the Italian gelato world has evolved to use much more sophisticated ingredients and techniques. A new generation of young "gelatieri" are producing outstanding gelato creations all around Italy. At Miuz we want to introduce this elevated gelato experience to Amsterdam.

the laboratory

We aim to bring the Italian classics to a whole new level. But to create the best texture, smoothness and flavour you need balance, craftmanship, the finest ingredients and the best equipment. Thanks to these solid foundations our gelato develops every day as we experiment with new flavours in our laboratory.

Our products

Besides gelato, depending on the season we have other desserts and chocolate. We have semifreddo, hot chocolate, and pralines besides gelato. 


Our range of gelato flavours is ever changing. In our laboratory we create Italian classics like STRACCIATELLA, NOCCIOLA and PISTACCHIO. We also create classics with a twist, depending on the seasonal cycle of fruits and local products that we find interesting.

Our menu

our ingredients

In our laboratory we only work with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Some, like appelsap, strawberries and milk, come from within the Netherlands. Others come from the best producers in Italy, such as pistacchios from Bronte in Sicily. Our cacao and coffee beans come from some of the world’s best producers. Whatever the origin, best quality ingredients mark the foundation of Miuz


the store

Visit our gelateria at Overtoom 117 in Amsterdam. Our store has a contemporary and Italian feel, designed by Heinzel | de Vries interior architects.


We’re open all seasons because Italians enjoy gelato the whole year round. And it doesn’t just have to be for sunny days, it’s also a great treat to bring in a thermal box to dinner with friends

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we work sustainably

Our choices can have a big impact on the environment and our bodies. That’s why we work with local suppliers as much as we can to reduce transport emissions and support local business. We pay fair prices for our ingredients and choose to work with companies that support sustainable practices and fair working conditions. At Miuz, fresh, high-quality ingredients are always the base of our gelato. Our packaging materials are also 100% recyclable or compostable.