What makes Miuz gelato so special?

Inside Amsterdam’s ice cream shops we keep seeing displays packed with artificial flavours like Oreo, Smurf and Unicorn, which are created by mixing milk or water with pre-made pastes from industrial suppliers. But these days people want to know about what they’re eating, how it’s produced and where it comes from. They are seeking higher quality food products from more transparent sources. Amsterdammers want more, and they deserve more. And that’s where Miuz comes in.

Miuz is an Artisanal Italian gelateria in Amsterdam, where gelato is produced fresh everyday from scratch with no semi-finished products, and using only fresh, seasonal and selected products that are sourced as locally as possible. All gelato is made following the traditional artisanal Italian process. The result is an explosion of taste and creaminess, supported by an awareness of respect for the planet.You can check our instagram account to see how we make our gelato.

We do not serve our gelato with scoop but with a spatula because if the gelato is at the perfect temperature and creaminess, the best is to serve with spatula. And that is why we do not have pricing like 1-2 scoop but with the size of the cups and the cones. 

Is there any flavor you are looking for?

Our menu changes depending on the season. As we prepare everything from scratch with carefully selected fresh ingredients, it is not possible to create summer tastes in winter. For example we have citrus flavors like Bergamot and orange in winter, whereas we have strawberry, mixed berries and mango in summer. This is a way for us to present you what nature gives us, and make both you and the environment happy and healthy.  We have some of our flavors listed below. If there is a flavor you are in love, and cannot find in the store, let us know. Depending on the availability, creating that flavor might always be an option.

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Take Away & Online Orders

There are different sizes of take-away gelato. We pack the gelato in a compostable thermal box that you can store in your freezer at home. You can pre-order in our own shop. We will prepare your take away box and it will be in our shop for you to pick up. This way you are sure your favorite flavor is not sold out yet. When you prefer your gelato to be delivered at your doorstep, we work with Deliveroo & Thuisbezorgd.