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EXCLUSIVE EVENT: Sake & Gelato Pairing


Following the popular wine & gelato pairing events, we’re happy to have a very special occasion:  Sake & Gelato Pairing! 

You may know our love for Japan already from our Matcha Latte flavor and drink. This time, again bringing 2 cultures together: Sake & Gelato

Starting with a welcome drink a sparkling sake, our sake sommelier Kenya Mori who has also the experience of working in traditional sake breweries, will guide you through the basics of sake such as history of it in relation to the Japanese culture, how it is prepared, and then followed by taste characteristics, the difference from wine & other brewed drinks and how to enjoy it. After having the info to enjoy it in the best way, we will start the tasting experience with 5 different sake, paired with 5 different gelato flavors! And a surprise: there will be also a warm sake, that you will be drinking with the sake cup of your choice!

Do not miss it! This is a one time event, book your ticket now before it gets sold out!