A light sweet
half frozen
italian dessert

Semifreddo is a classic Italian semi-frozen dessert, resembles frozen mousse or custard.

Semifreddo is served semi-frozen, while its unbelievably, almost ethereal texture makes it melt on the tongue.

At Miuz, we have different sizes; from single portions to cakes, in flavors like Pistacchio, Hazelnut, and Chocolate.  A perfect ending to your meals or for your celebrations with family and friends!

Check our counter for availability for the flavors and sizes!

Semifreddo al Tiramisu

Supremely light and delicate, tiramisu is nothing but an indulgence. With layers of cream, coffee, mascarpone cheese, and biscuits soaked in coffee and Marsala, try this creamy Italian dessert as semifreddo, which delights the senses!