What Matters to Us

We love making gelato - but we want to contribute to our world to give our work meaning.
That is why we care for:

  • - Consious Environmental choices
  • - Social/Economic Justice & Human Rights/Dignity
  • - Pure & Excellent products

our sustainable values in practice

We choose responsibly for local, biological, pesticide-free products & recyclable packaging materials.

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We provide transparency about the origins and working conditions behind products.

We only work with carefully sourced, pure, non-artificial, fresh products of excellence.

Milk from Zorgboerderij Ons Verlangen, NL

working with local
farmers & suppliers

Farmers in the Netherlands have so much to offer. For example our milk comes from a village above Amsterdam that arrives fresh at our doorstep. The cows that produce the milk do not get preventive antibiotics and graze on a variety of grass and flowers.

We want to connect to local suppliers because we find it important to have a low ecological footprint. We source the best ingredients the Netherlands has to offer.

pistachio from bronte, it

honest & excellent products

Some of our ingredients just grow better in the sun. Do you remember going on holiday to Italy and tasting a normal tomato that seemed to come from paradise?

We choose to buy the most excellent products from small businesses owners in Italy. For example our Pistaccio from Bronte. Luigi has a small pistaccio orchard that he cares for with a lot of passion. He only uses an army of ladybugs to prevent the pistaccio to be eaten by other animals. He pays his staff a fair wadge and encourages them to understand his product.