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A Sensory Journey of Wine and Artisanal Gelato Pairing

Wine & Gelato Tasting is back! A new yet surprising tasting for wine and gelato lovers. Following the success of our past editions, we did the kick-off for this season at the vibrant Soho House, and more to come starting from September.

The art of combining wine and food requires refined taste and expert knowledge. While it is commonly known that white wine complements fish and red wine complements meat, the intricacies of pairing wine and gelato delve deeper.Have you ever wondered about the impact of wine temperature when enjoying it with cheeses? Or whether gelato is best accompanied by chilled or room temperature wine? These questions lead us into a realm of pairing that demands careful consideration and knowledge.

In this exclusive workshop presented by Carlo Petroni, owner of Miuz Gelato and Sinem Zeybek, WSET Level 2 Award holder, you will have the opportunity to explore the world of wine and gelato pairing in depth. We have curated a selection of top quality wines together with Chabrol Wines, each chosen with utmost care to perfectly complement different gelato flavors. Dates:

28th of September, 11th of October (Location: not at Miuz, at Innside Amsterdam), 20th of October

All workshops start at 18:00 and end at 20:00.

What can you expect?

WINE 101: Begin your adventure with an introduction to the fascinating world of wines. Discover the different types, varietals, and wine-making processes that make each bottle unique.

THE ART OF TASTING: Learn how to taste wine like a pro as we guide you through the sensory experience of sight, smell, and taste. Develop your palate and uncover the secrets hidden in every sip.

PERFECT PAIRINGS: Discover the magic of pairing wine with food. We'll explore the principles of matching wine and gelato flavors to enhance both the wine and gelato experience.

TASTE AND TALK: Dive into the heart of the event as we present carefully curated pairings of exquisite wines and artisanal gelato. Each pairing will be accompanied by storytelling, revealing the backstory of the wine's winery and the inspiration behind the gelato flavor and ingredients.

INTERACTIVE DISCUSSION: Engage in lively discussions as you savor each pairing. Share your thoughts, impressions, and insights with fellow participants, fostering a sense of community and shared passion.

TAKE HOME MEMORIES: Leave with a newfound appreciation for wine and gelato, armed with knowledge to impress your friends at your next gathering.You can expect some dessert wines like Passito and Moscato, but be ready also to experience some surprises as well! 

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Wine & Gelato Tasting

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