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Gelato Making Wine & Gelato

Gelato Making Workshop

Become a cone-noisseur and learn the tricks of gelato-making, the Miuz way. Experience a hands-on and informative class with Head Gelato Chef at our gelateria.


Enjoy a cup of coffee and Italians treats while you learn about the ingredients of gelato and pasteurising process, then roll up your sleeves to churn your very own freshly-made gelato. A real hands-on practise in creating from scratch 2 different flavors, both milk based and vegan. Get the grand tour of our laboratory and see what goes on behind the scenes, meet the team, and learn what makes our artisanal gelato so special.


You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a gelato tasting experience and bring home your creation to offer to your family and friends.



The correct combination of wine and food is a matter of refined taste and an art for the experts. We all know that white should go with fish and red with meat, however, things get more complicated when you get into detail. Gelato and wine pairing requires a delicate choice with great attention and a competence only the real experts can afford, that is why we do this workshop together with wine experts!